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Monica Escudero- Biomechanist 

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Monica Escudero

Working for 30 years in the Kinesiology field and getting my Bachelor's and Masters in Kinesiology and Biomechanics, I realized how important it is to be in alignment in order correct and prevent injuries from happening in the body.  When a joint is out of alignment, the kinetic chain is off and affects all the joints above and below it.  This not only increases the propensity of injury but can cause pain in an area where there is no known injury.

I have formulated a time-tested method of preventing and correcting injury and pain looking at the full body and re-aligning it to perform the best the body is able to.  I use corrective  and functional exercises as well as yoga in order to help the body to use the proper muscles to move correctly.  The sessions are generally 1 hour and it is recommended that you come in several times (determined by your specific individual needs) before attempting to do the exercise program solo.


Suffering from many injuries myself, I have gone to physical therapy and found that there is more to correcting injuries in the body than solely looking at the particular painful joint.  I found that the body needs an all encompassing workout and realignment to nurture the body back to health and vibrancy.

I have worked with people from ages 8-90 years old  as well as with Division I sports teams to help people learn to have the proper biomechanics so they can prevent and rehabilitate from injury, become more fit, and have better performance or a more active life.


You don't have to limit yourself and your movement to a great degree, no matter your age or injury history.  Come in and see how I can help you get out of the pain and stiffness and into pleasure, performance and serenity.


Which Plan is Best for you?

(online Workouts through zoom)

There are several ways to go about getting out of pain and into performance.  Below are some different approaches to getting back "in shape" (proper alignment for the best performance).

For Personal Training 1 Hour or Half Hour, you will receive an assessment and get to know what is creating your injury and keeping it from getting better.  Next, you will learn proper posture and biomechanics of basic, everyday movements.  Following, you will be instructed on certain corrective exercises that you can take home to do on your own.  The whole body will be addressed setting your mechanics straight to prevent future injuries.  

When you have the proper biomechanics, you will finally be able to participate and learn more dynamic exercises to increase your level of fitness while keeping your injuries at bay.


In the small group classes, it is recommended that you have previously received biomechanical instruction prior to attending.  Our focus will be on more of the fitness aspect of the workout with tips and corrections as you are achieving your fitness goals.



What others have to say

"I had no idea, but she was just what I needed.  Her knowledge, intuitiveness, and constant awareness is such a gift.  She is so present and encouraging that the hour goes by fast.  We laugh a lot and work hard and I love what changes I have already made since working with her.  I have been telling all my friends how fortunate I was to have been placed in her care."


March 2020

"I have been working with Monica for over a year.  Whether you are looking to improve the general strength of your core and extremities or if you have a specific issue to focus on, her knowledge of the human anatomy will be an asset.  Monica's sincere desire to help you achieve your goal is commendable."


January 2020

"I want to express my deepest gratitude for her expert guidance over the last three months.  To learn to walk again, with presence and comfort, and to do so with proper alignment and foot placement is Huge.  But beyond that, she increased my Awareness.  This goes beyond the mat.  Thank you Monica. I've learned so much from you and am delighted to carry on with this path."


October 2019

Monica Escudero


2505 Cabrillo College Dr.

Aptos, CA 95003

Tel: 831-345-9769

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